Flags of Conflicting Ideas

1. This flag represents to millions of White Americans, a symbol of White pride and White resistance. It is the flag of a White counter revolution.

2. This is the flag that all Americans should respect. For every star in this flag was a victory won in creating and maintaining the freedom and prosperity we have.

3. This is the flag of Mexico. This is a nation whose leaders believe they can reconquer the American Southwest, by flooding our country with millions of illegal aliens. And, their plan is working.

4. This is the flag of the REPUBLIC OF NEW AFRICA. It is a flag symbolizing that blood must be shed(RED) to take land in the south(GREEN) away from White people now living there, for the establishment of a new nation for the Negro(BLACK) race.

5. This is a flag that represents an attack on traditional Christian morality and religious freedom.

6. This is a flag that represents war and conquest and genocide of an entire nation – the nation of Palestine. It is a flag that dishonors our nation because of our nation’s total subservience to it before the world.

7. The flag of Palestine. According to the Jews and our political leaders, there never was a nation called Palestine. But in fact, before Israel was created in 1948, Palestine was already a nation and this is the flag of these long-suffering people.

8. This is the flag of Communist China, that may yet fly over the White House if our political leaders fail to change our foreign trade policies or build up our military forces, instead of cutting our defenses, or wasting lives and money on endless wars in the Middle East for the benefit of one nation: Israel.

9. This is the flag of Iran, a country as large as Texas, with over 80 million people. It is a country that Israel wants us to destroy, just as we destroyed the nation of Iraq and are destroying Afghanistan now.

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