As someone who has spent the last 40 years of my life fighting for my rights as an American citizen and veteran to support the candidates of my choice;to run for public office;to utilize my rights to freedom of speech,press, and peaceable assembly,as well as freedom to worship the God I believe in or to stand up for those principles I hold deeply,is it now a crime to exercise those hard-fought for God-ordained rights?

Apparently,to the hordes of political and historical illiterates who call themselves “anti-fascists” or who destroy the property of others; or use violence to prevent others such as myself from exercising our Constitutional Rights to contest their Marxist claptrap, yes it is a crime and they are the judge,the jury and the prosecution of all “fascists” from President Trump on down.

Yes,these violent-prone psychopaths are doing everything they can to destroy the very concept of Freedom, and replace it with some vague,nebulous concept rooted in the theories of Marx,Mao, and Marcuse called “Repressive Tolerance.” Another name for this tyranny of the mindless mobs is called “Social Justice” and still another term for the same Radical Left thinking is “Political Correctness” ,-in Russia,in 1917,it was known as “the dictatorship of the Proletariat” resulting in the enslavement and mass murder of millions of people in Russia and all of Eastern Europe.

I have been a participant and a speaker at a number of these rallies and meetings across the south. I was in Columbia,S.C. last year to protest the removal of the Confederate flag there,by Governor Haley. And even though we had a permit for the rally,which drew thousands to that city,including Black Lives Matter,the Black Panther Party and the Revolutionary Communist Party,we were attacked. The police were outnumbered and fought off the violent thugs,to allow my wife and myself to escape.

However,one group of white activists,were confronted by a mob of Black thugs who stepped in front  of their car as they were exiting the parking lot. So the driver swerved his car to avoid hitting them and smashed his car into a light pole. The mob then tried to get the driver and his passengers out of the car by smashing the windows on the driver’s side-but the police beat them back enabling the white patriots to escape the mob.

I was supposed to be in Charlottesville ,Virginia,but was unable to make it. However,a number of patriots from the Chicago area did participate in that entirely legal event,that once again was turned into a violent clash by the actions of the Marxist radicals, referred to in the news reports as “peaceful protesters”.

According to my contact in Charlottesville, these Radical Leftists were allowed to use mace and pepper spray,as the police forced the white patriots to march down the center of the street into the park-with the Marxist rabble on both sides of the street. Then once in the park,the white activists were bombarded with balloons filled with human excrement;urine;or red paint. And then when the radicals  ran out of the balloons,they were able to fire tear gas cannisters into the park.

How was it these radicals were not arrested for these criminal acts? According to a friend of mine on the Chicago Police Department,only law enforcement and military authorities are legally allowed to possess tear gas and the device to launch those cannisters! Again,I ask,why were there no arrests made in that blatant violation of the law by these “peaceful protesters”?

And then according to my friend on the scene there,before the rally could even begin,the police declared it to be “an unlawful assembly”. Despite the fact they had a permit,they were told to now leave the park or they would be arrested! So,the Charlottesville Police forced the white patriots back into the street where the Marxist savages were waiting for them and they had both ends of the street blocked off-forcing the two opposing sides to fight,while the police,apparently under orders,was not allowed to interfere and stop the fighting!

Finally,the police did intervene,but not until 35 people were injured in the street fighting. The death of one young woman,Helen Heyer was brought about when one of the participants in the rally,James Alex Fields,tried to escape the raging mob of bubble-brained Bolsheviks ,who had earlier attacked  him in his car. He sped down an unfamiliar street in a panic and plowed into a car blocked by another mob,then hurriedly put his car into reverse and hit several others in his haste to get away.

There was no planned attack with his car,but the news reports and the blood-thirsty Communist rabble and the utterly gutless politicians are all telling the same pack of despicable lies about what happened. The two State Police who died in the crash of their helicopter was simply another tragedy and had nothing to do with the chaos in Charlottesville. Their crash was 7 miles outside of the city.

President Trump,to his credit stated it was the Radcal Leftists who began all the violence and he rightfully included them in his statements on the entire situation. And once again,the news media-in all its forms and from all sides attacked him for stating the truth about what actually took place. They are liars without shame.

Finally, I have referred to the white people involved as “white activists” and as “white patriots”-as that is what they were then and are now. Some are recent veterans of the senseless and costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; some like myself are Viet Nam vets; and some are relatives of deceased veterans who fought America’s enemies,so we,unlike the moronic,violent-prone,Marxist-led mobs,have earned the right to peaceably assemble in a park to protest the destruction and the desecration of historical monuments and in time,the destruction of America,as a nation of Free people.

Arthur J. Jones




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7 Responses to IS FREEDOM NOW A CRIME?

  1. Karen Bettenhausen says:

    Very informative and specific! I have always felt that the so called “Protesters” who show up at the rallies for the sole purpose of instigating a riot and blame it on the peaceful and legal marchers and speakers are actually nothing more for the most part a bunch of lazy slackers who don’t want to have to get a job in order to pay their living expenses and thus attend the rallies simply because they have nothing better to do.
    Do they not realize that by showing up and instigating arguments, fights and riots they are accomplishing just the opposite? If these people truly wanted all of the Pro White/Pro America First organizations to dissolve they should try to get as most people as possible to stay away from the event. The morons don’t even realize that they are playing right into the hands if their enemies.
    Have you ever hosted a party and nobody came? That is what I liken it to. It is only my personal interpretation of the situation and maybe I am wrong? 🇺🇸🔫

  2. Polar Bear says:

    It is very encouraging to find out about you. You are a brave and heroic man.
    I too am a vet (((9/11))). The minute I discovered that new silverstein’s insurance scam, dancing kikes, building 7, silverstein’s family staying home that day, etc. I knew it was the jews.
    Since then (red pill), I have ventured down the rabbit hole. I now realize the jew is the WORLDS FOREMOST PROBLEM and responsible for all of this.
    God bless you. Since Jim Traficant, not a single pol has not had (((handlers))). Just you expressing the truth on this platform is epic.
    Thank You.

  3. 1488 says:

    Have you heard of Jeannie Ives? She is someone you should try and support in the upcoming Primary.

  4. 1488 says:

    Did you see her ad? Bunch of liberal cuktards are freaking out over it. Nothing like the truth to scare these sheep into a frenzy.

  5. Long Jon says:

    Bout time we had a REAL AMERICAN running for office.

  6. me says:

    My comment is about Arthur for speaking the truth on cnn.(((criminal news network))) all he wants is truth, that is all others want too. its about truth and nothing more.

  7. Nicholas Vito says:

    Yes the violence in Charlottsville last year was carried out by Communists with their Jewish backers like George Soros who attacked the white Nationalist Patriots who were just protesting the removal of Confederate statues. We white people are fed up with the constant attacks on our culture, heritage, etc. by these Communist Jew funded pigs who’s aim is the elimination of the white race and white America, shame on them I say lets have more marches and protests in all cities across America, lets not be silent any longer, rise up and be heard, take A stand now before it’s too late

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