Mexican Illegal Aliens to Receive Social Security

According to the terms of the U.S.-Mexico Social Security Totalization Agreement, signed by the Social Security Administration and Mexico on June 2, 2004, millions of illegal aliens now in the U.S. will be able to receive Social Security benefits after working here illegally for only 6 quarters, or in other words, just 18 months!

By contrast, U.S. citizens have to work 40 quarters, or 120 months, which is 10 years before they can receive any Social Security benefits!

The U.S. General Accounting Office(GAO) did a study of this pending treaty, awaiting the signature of president Obama, and found it will cost $78 million in payouts the first year, but by 2050: $650 billion in payouts of benefits to millions of illegal aliens.

And we have similar “Totalization Agreements” with 20 other countries! These agreements qualify foreign workers in this country here legally and illegally, to count work performance in their native countries as part of the required working time required to qualify for Social Security benefits here!

How do we know the foreign workers did the work they claim, especially if they are here illegally? There is no way of verifying those claims of work. So, whether they deserve the benefits or not, we working Americans, end up giving it to them, while we have to fight hordes of federal bureaucrats to get our own benefits when it comes time to retire! And even then, many of us end up getting less than what we were entitled to!

No wonder Social Security is going broke.

Arthur J. Jones

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