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Where I Stand on the Issues


Our troops are sinking deeper into the abyss of unending wars in the Middle East. It’s time to end these wars that are so costly in lives lost and money wasted.


Currently the U.S. government has military bases in over 100 foreign nations to defend their borders and to repel foreign invasion of those countries. I think it is time to bring our troops home to defend our own country’s borders against illegal alien drug dealers, criminals, and potential terrorists.


This is about the dumbest idea ever conceived. And it is clearly a blatant violation of Article 4, section 4 of the Constitution of the United States, where every state is guaranteed a republican form of government and protection against invasion and domestic violence. So, no Mayor or City Council has the authority to declare their city a “sanctuary” for illegal aliens who are in violation of Federal immigration laws.


Don’t believe the Liberal media lies that there are 11 million illegal aliens in this country. They have been using that number for at least 10 years. The real number of illegal aliens is 20-30 million. And, they are costing us billions of dollars each year in free health care, subsidized housing, free education for their children; and spreading diseases and violent crime across the country.

And finally, they are taking jobs away from American workers and driving down wage rates with cash-only labor they perform, while paying NO taxes.


America was founded by English speaking people. For most of our history as a nation, if you wanted to be able to advance yourself, as a new legal immigrant, you had to learn how to speak and write in English. Since 1965, with the repeal of the McCarran-Walter Act, (which was an immigration law favoring White, European legal immigrants) the requirement for citizenship to be able to speak and write English was swept aside and now any two-legged vagabond from any Third-world, non-white, or non-Christian country is given preference whether they arrived legally or illegally. Either, learn America’s language, our culture, and respect our laws or get out of our country!


The tax code of the Federal government is now an incredible 76,000 pages of rules and regulations long. No single human being on earth is capable of understanding this much information. Buried in that bureaucratic mess are all kinds of special exemptions for businesses and corporations allowing them to pay the very least amount in taxes or in some cases, no taxes at all! A fair tax would be a flat 10% sales tax. Those who have a lot of money to spend would pay more; and those who have less spare money or are more frugal, would pay less. And those who currently pay no taxes, such as illegal aliens, would pay the same rate as everyone else!


I am an experienced professional in the field of Health Insurance. Since 1983, that has been my profession – an independant insurance agent, specializing in health insurance for small businesses. I left the profession when Obamacare appeared and intended to take over the insurance profession.

My plan is very simple. One of the major costs driving up insurance costs, is the high cost of Medical Malpractice insurance.

And a major reason for that, is medical malpractice by foreign-trained doctors and insurance fraud claims filed by either the patient or his or her doctor.

Each year, medical fraud and malpractice costs on average, over $100 billion dollars a year.

My proposed solutions are:

1. Require each medical professional to take an annual Medical Competency Test. If he or she passes the test in their specialty, the medical license is renewed for that year, and the costly malpractice insurance premium is shared between the medical professional and the state and federal government. This will reduce the cost of office visits and encourage more, less costly preventive care.

2. Establish a Federally tax-supported Medical Catastrophic Fund, to be available when an insurance policy has paid out all of the benefits for an illness like cancer etc..

Just those two reforms, simple as they are, would put an end to the crisis of healthcare in America. It would allow doctors and other Health Care professionals to lower their cost for office visits and it would encourage more preventive care visits on the part of the general population thus, leading to lower costs and a healthier population.

3. A third reform is absolutely essential. Our people – American citizens must come first. No illegal alien should be allowed to receive free healthcare while American citizens are being denied healthcare. A law passed by Congress forbids denying healthcare to illegal aliens. That law should be repealed! A sole exception would be a life or death emergency situation as determined by medical professionals.

Pro-Life – Yes; Homosexual Agenda – NO!

The Homosexual/Lesbian/Bi-sexual/Transgender movement is a blatant assault on the Christian based foundation of this country. They seek to uproot, and overthrow all the moral teachings of the Christian religion on which all of our laws are based. THEY MUST BE STOPPED NOW.

The same people that support same-sex marriage or changing ones sex through surgery are also in support of abortion on demand provided by groups such as PLANNED PARENTHOOD. This Federally funded organization should not get one more dollar from our taxes to support their murderous operations.


It is obvious to see that from the U.S. Supreme Court on down, the federal judiciary has made itself an enemy of the majority of the American people. In 32 states, the people voted against same-sex marriage. But in each case, federal judges ignored the wishes of the people and struck down state laws banning same-sex marriages.

In the case of Obamacare, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against 10 states who wanted no part of that Federal nightmare. And in the case of Citizens United, the U.S. Supreme Court in an act of supreme idiocy ruled that money equals free speech.

This ruling has resulted in Super Pacs being set up for the purpose of being able to accept unlimited amounts of money from billionaires who are simply buying presidential candidates willing to do their bidding. They may want a Special Tax Break or they may prefer Another War somewhere in the world.

My proposed solutions are:

1. Whenever the president is defeated for another term, then all Federal judges he has appointed will automatically lose their positions as well. No Federal judge should serve more than 8 consecutive years.

This will ensure that when a decision is to be made by a president for a judge or by a judge for a case, what is “politically correct” will be the farthest thing from their minds in their decisions.

2. To keep the billionaires from buying off political candidates, all Federal elections should be publicly funded by a simple $10.00 tax-deductible contribution to the Federal Elections Commission. All candidates would receive the same amount of money, once they were certified as legitimate candidates.

In this way, all candidates could concentrate on solutions, not on how to acquire more money. And the quality of our candidates would greatly improve and so would the content of the debates.


Repeal all Treasonous Trade Treaties that have caused 93 million Americans to lose their jobs. Negotiate new Fair Trade Treaties that will create American jobs.


This is a unique idea rooted in common sense. Be honest, if you have ever experienced a “Changing Neighborhood” you know you are blessed to be able to move to where you are now – a safe, clean and drug free neighborhood with good schools for your children.

But, will it always be that way? Not if the Liberals and the lying Pink Crusader Rabbits of the news media have their way.

They want “Racial, Religious, and Sexual Diversity” in every neighborhood and school in America. Already, the Federal government has sent out a special questionaire, apart from the regular Census they take. This questionaire seeks to find out how White, how Christian, and how morally straight your neighborhood is..

If your neighborhood is found to be too White, too Christian, or too straight, the Federal government intends on changing that with or without the cooperation of your local elected authorities.

The Neighborhood Amendment would allow you and your neighbors to simply vote on whether or not you want the changes the Feds want to impose on you after a “tipping point” of 10% non-white or non-Christian was reached. If you vote to let the changes continue, they would. But, if you vote NO-they would stop at 10% and no more. This would be a law I pledge to fight for on your behalf, for the preservation and safety of your neighborhoods and schools.


I believe every decent law-abiding self-supporting American has the right to possess, purchase, or sell any gun of their choice that is legally available.

However, I do not believe any gang member, illegal alien, person with a history of mental illness, a drug user or dealer or anyone receiving public aid should be allowed to own a gun.

The National Rifle Association went to court to defend the alleged right of public housing residents to own guns. That is just plain stupid. From where does the NRA think these gangs come and grow to terrorize the innocent citizens of this country?

All these Black and Hispanic housing complexes are populated by thousands of these street gang thugs, living in subsidized housing where they hide their guns and plan their killings.

I propose a Federal law forbidding any resident receiving any kind of public aid or living in public housing complexes from owning a gun or hiding a gun. The penalty for violating such a law would be a minimum of six years in prison. One year for each bullet in a revolver.

Without the place to stash their guns or to live in, crime would be drastically reduced across the country and the local police would be better able to control these gangs with such a Federal law.


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