“Treasonous Trade Treaty” only makes more billionaires on Wall Street

As I write this on June 23rd, the U.S. Senate committed an act of overt treason against the nation by approving by a vote of 60-37 the so-called Trade Promotion Authority(TPA). The TPA gives President Obama the “fast track” means to approve the Trans Pacific Partnership(TPP) trade agreement that will result in 11 more nations – most of them poor Third World countries – being given the opportunity to flood our country with products, which could have been made here.

After the U.S. Senate voted it’s approval, then came the admission by the senators who supported this treaty that it’s enforcement will result in more American workers losing their jobs all across this nation.

How many jobs will be lost? They don’t know but they did know before voting for this Treasonous Trade Treaty that thousands of Americans will be losing their jobs and will soon be using food stamps to survive.

U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill), who is running for another six-year term in 2016, voted in support of this treaty. He and the other 59 senators are simply delusional if they think closing down more American companies is the way to economic prosperity for this country.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) said that his understanding of the treaty he voted for was that, in addition to the TPA, there was also to be the Trade Adjustment Authority (TAA), which is supposed to assist the newly unemployed American workers in obtaining training for new jobs or careers.

Like what? Provide Federal loans to attend Mcdonald’s Hamburger University? Or, former auto workers can drive their cars for Uber? Or, steel workers can learn to be butler’s, bellhops, or golf caddies for the one percent, “the Wall Street elite” who will benefit the most from this act of treachery.

Supposedly, this treaty will result in more U.S. products being exported to be purchased by the people of these 11 countries.

Oh really? The majority of these countries pay their workers less than $2 an hour. One of these countries, the workers’ paradise of Vietnam, pays 50 cents an hour and years after the NAFTA treaty with Mexico, the hourly wage there has climbed to an incredible 80 cents an hour!

Now, how are these pitifully poor people in these countries going to be able to afford to buy a bicycle made in America, let alone a car? Oh, excuse me, but we don’t make bicycle’s here anymore. So, what do we make here that they can afford to buy?

Nothing! All this treaty will do is allow more U.S. companies to export more American jobs to these slave-labor nations. There, they have no unions, so the products once made here – TV’s, VCR’s, cameras, tools, toys, clothing, shoes, furniture, cars, trucks, and bicycles – will be made there and imported back here to be sold at 10 times or more what it costs to make these products.

For example, last year I bought a cap for $12 at a store in Chicago with an eagle embroidered on the crown. It was made in Vietnam. As a Vietnam veteran, I’m not too keen on anything made in that unreformed Communist-run hell hole. So, I threw it away when I saw where it was made.

If the fat cats running this country wanted to build a factory there to make caps and tennis shoes, why didn’t they just do so and skip the war?

All this Treasonous Trade Treaty does is exactly what our pointless, wasteful wars in the Middle East are doing: making billionaires out of Wall Street millionaires at the expense of the American people, in lives lost in wars abroad and jobs lost at home.

Arthur J. Jones

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